Tip of the Day - Attack Deep Serves

By Larry Hodges | Sept. 20, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)
Larry HodgesAttack Deep Serves

You should have different strategies for returning deeps serves and short serves (short serves are serves that, if given the chance, would bounce twice on the receiver’s side of the table). Against deep serves, you should be aggressive. Usually this means looping or driving the ball. (You can also chop aggressively, but that’s less common.) The reason to be aggressive against deep serves is that since you are contacting the ball from farther back, your opponent has more time to react to your shot. Also, since you are from farther back, you can’t go for wide angles as well.

If you make a passive shot, your opponent has lots of time to set up his best shot, and doesn’t have to move much for it. So be aggressive against deep serves! The good news since you take a deep serve from farther back, you have more time to watch the ball, and the table is not in your way (so it doesn’t interfere with your backswing, especially when looping). If the deep serve comes at you slow and deep, you have a lot of time to prepare your attack. If the deeps serves comes at you fast, then you can use the ball’s own speed and counterdrive it aggressively.

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