Tip of the Day - Fake The Opposite Way Against Left-Handers

By Larry Hodges | Sept. 14, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)
Larry Hodges

Fake The Opposite Way Against Left-Handers

Many players have trouble playing left-handers – they simply aren’t used to them. (Left-handers have this trouble as well – they too play mostly against right-handers!) Because a player’s instincts are often wrong against a lefty, many players often end up feeding the lefty’s stronger side.

Here’s a simple tip that will disarm many lefty attacks. Start off most shots by "aiming" toward the lefty’s stronger side. At the last minute, go the other way. This forces the lefty to guard that side, leaving the other side open.

This is a basic strategy that works against righty’s and lefty’s, but it is particularly effective against lefty’s since it helps make up for not being used to playing them.

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