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Tip of the Day - Watch Top Players to Raise Your Own Level of Play

By Larry Hodges | Oct. 26, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Vladimir Samsonov

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Watch Top Players to Raise Your Own Level of Play

Larry Hodges One of the best ways to improve your shots is get a good visual image of what your shots should look like just before playing. So one of the best ways to get these shots really going is to watch a top player executing these shots just before you play. You can do this live (if players are available) or watch a videotape. Alternatively, you might get a tape of yourself playing at your best (you might have to do a number of tapes to get this!), and watch that just before playing. You’ll be surprised at how much it might help. (Many players learn to do this without a tape, by mental visualization.)

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