Tip of the Day - Forehand Pendulum Serve vs. Other Serves

By Larry Hodges | Oct. 03, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)
Larry Hodges

Forehand Pendulum Serve vs. Other Serves

The most common serve in the world at both the intermediate and advanced levels is the forehand pendulum serve. This is the serve where a player (usually serving from the backhand corner) serves with his forehand, racket tip down. With this motion, a player can accelerate the racket very rapidly into the ball, and change the direction of the paddle throughout contact via a semi-circular motion. This change of direction gives great deception, while the rapid acceleration of the racket means great spin.

But should you adopt this serve? A good recommendation is to learn the serve, since it is obviously a very effective serve. Also, learning the serve will make it easier for you to return it – you’ll understand better what the server is doing.

But so many players have adopted this serve, there is beginning to be a backlash. Opponents are no longer used to returning other types of serves. Anyone who uses a different type of serve (a backhand serve, for example) is now "unorthodox," and so opponents have trouble with their serves. So developing any other serve gives you an advantage.

So perhaps you should "Think Different," and experiment with different serve motions. Watch the confused looks on your opponents’ faces!

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