Tip of the Day - Take a Bigger Swing

By Larry Hodges | Oct. 01, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)
Larry Hodges

Take a Bigger Swing

Many returning players to the sport have expressed fears about the difficulties in looping the 40mm ball. It is slightly harder to loop kill, but once you get used to it, it is easier to loop at slower speeds. The key is to take a longer swing.

Remember that it’s all a trade-off. Because the ball is bigger and heavier, it is harder to create spin. Because of air resistance, the ball slows down faster, and so power loops go slower. However, both of these are compensated for by the fact that the incoming ball also has less spin and moves slower on average.

Since there is less spin, you make fewer mistakes against incoming spins. It becomes easier to lift against backspin, and you don’t loop off the end as often when counterlooping.

Since the ball is coming in slower, you have more time to react and take a longer swing. This is the key to looping hard with the new ball – take a longer swing.

Many players are looping the bigger ball into the net on many shots. The longer swing also compensates for this.

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