Tip of the Day - Preparing for a Big Tournament

By Sean Lonergan | Aug. 21, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Sean Lonergan

The week before a big tournament it is best to try to work on the "control" aspects of your game more than the physical parts. For example, instead of working on footwork, spend more time on serve, receive, and blocking.

The practice in the week leading up to the tournament isn't going to affect your speed much one way or another, while serve, serve return and other control-type techniques can still be more significantly improved. You should still do some footwork drills, but make the drills shorter than normal, with more variety and more game-like footwork drills (such as more random-type footwork drills). 

One final suggestion: try playing more matches against someone who raises your confidence level, but still pushes you to play your best.