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  • Last Call for “Coach of the Year Nominations”
  • USATT Holds First Ever ITTF Level 2 Course
  • First USATT Coaches Certified as ITTF Level 2 and Level 3 Course Conductors
  • USATT Coaching Reaches an Historic Milestone – 100 ITTF Coaches
  • USATT Coaching is Looking for Clubs to Host Regional ITTF Courses
  • Towards the Future!
November 2012
  • USATT/ITTF Coaches Education Program Update
  • Who Should Attend an ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course?
  • Atlanta, GA, ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course – May 12-16, 2012
  • Fremont, CA, ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course – June 11-15, 2012
  • Champaign, IL, ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course – July 17-21, 2012 
  • Austin, TX, ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course – August 13-17, 2012 
  • For the Future!
 April 2012
  • Last Call for “Coach of the Year Nominations”
  • USATT National Coaching Seminar in Virginia Beach
  • ITTF Coaching Education Program Update
  • How Your Club Can Host an ITTF-PPT Level 1 Course
December 2011
  •  A Changing of the Guard, new USATT Coaching Advisory Committee Members
  • USATT to Offer First Ever Women's Coaching Course
  • ITTF Level 1 Course in Maryland , First Ever Regional ITTF Course Held
  • More ITTF Courses Coming in 2011, Education, your Opportunity to Become a Better Coach
  • Too Many Opponents by: Ray Cavicchio, IR, IU
  • For the Future
May 30, 2011
  • Description of the ITTF Coaches Education Program
  • Reasons we are offering the ITTF Program
  • Benefits to you, the coach
  • Impact on your USATT Certificiation Level Impementation Plan
  • First Course Announcement
  • For the FutureAdditional Information
May 2010
  • About the Newsletter
  • USATT Coaching News
  • Juniors and Ratings by Larry Hodges
  • Two Processes in Which we Engage by Donn Olsen
  • Keeping Young Players on Target by Steve Hochman
  • Three Training Patterns by Lee McCool
  • Using Self-Multi-ball to Teach Hand Skills to Beginning Juniors
  • Additional Information
November 2009