Palo Alto Table Tennis Club is one of the largest table tennis clubs in the country. With over 250 members, Palo Alto Table Tennis Club is based in Palo Alto California, which lies in the table tennis hot bed of the San Francisco Bay Area. PATTC has been honored by USA Table Tennis as a Regional Center of Excellence.

PATTC is lead by head coach Dennis Davis. Davis has been the head coach of Palo Alto Table Tennis Club since 1990 after he finished a professional table tennis career. Davis played in Germany and Sweden competitively and ultimately was ranked as one of the top 30 players in the United States. Davis approaches table tennis scientifically due to his deep technical understanding of the physics and physiology of table tennis.

Davis and Palo Alto Table Tennis Club have assisted in organizing several table tennis tournaments. 2007 World Junior Table Tennis Championship is the most notable of the tournaments organized, while PATTC also hosted the 2009 National Senior Games table tennis competitions and the 2010 Bay Area Senior Games competition. Palo Alto Table Tennis Club also has the distinction of having Ariel Hsing as a member. Hsing is also trains at ICC Table Tennis Center.

Palo Alto Table Tennis Club has continued its effort to grow table tennis in Palo Alto and become a strong club competitively. Their efforts to recruit more members in the Bay Area table tennis hot bed have been ambitious and successful over the past few years.

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