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Triangle Table Tennis

USATT League Page


Why a Team League? Your teammates cheer for you, you cheer for them, and then you all go out for pizza!


Why a Singles League? So you can put players in groups based on level, everyone gets to play competitive matches, and the matches can be rated!

  • USATT Singles League - with league ratings. Since its beginning in 2003 to 2015 there have been over 500,000 processed matches by over 24,000 players in over 400 leagues.
  • USATT Rated Singles League  - NEWS! (Updated Oct 10, 2016)


The winners and finalists each year of their Regional Team Leagues gets to represent their league in the National Finals at the U.S. National Championships. Here are the guidelines for that.

USATT League Committee
Chair: Larry Hodges - email
Han Xiao - Athlete Rep - email
Tahl Leibovitz - Para Athlete Rep - email
Bruce Liu - email
Michael Levene - email
Adam Bobrow - email
Doru Gheorghe - Liaison - email