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USA Synchro

Birthday:  December 28
Hometown: Moraga, CA
Club Affiliation: Walnut Creek Aquanuts
Years in Synchro: 4
Years on National Team: 1
Goals: To stay in the top 10 in Figures
Favorite Song: Alienation (Morning Parade)
Favorite Food: Gummy Tummy Penguins
Favorite TV Show: Kickin’ It on Disney
Favorite Sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics
Hobbies: Visiting Animal Adoptions and Shelters to see all the animals.
Do you have a pet? Yes! A snail I rescued named Johnny Sticky Seed.
What superpower would you like to have? The power to fly
If you were a dessert, what kind would you be? Ice cream
What song describes you best? Dream
If you were an animal, what would you be? A dolphin
If you were a superhero, what would your name be? Kool Kid   
Who is your athletic idol? Natalia Ischenko
What is your nickname? Sophie, Sophadoph, So Yo, or Soph.