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USA Synchro

Birthday: August 14
Hometown: Andover, MA
Club Affiliation: ANA Synchro
Years in Synchro: 6
Years on National Team: 1
Goals: To succeed at a national level, both with my local team and the National Team, and to develop my skills to the highest level possible.
Famous Family Members: Aunt and Uncle Poalo and Miaria Chiarra, famous National Italian Volleyball players.
Athletic Achievements: 2012- Esynchro Age Group National Championships Team 5th, Duet 5th. 2013- Bay State Games Duet 1st, Solo 2nd. Esynchro Age Group National Championships Duet 4th.
Favorite Song: Waka Waka (Shakira)
Favorite Food: Cherry pie
Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms
Favorite Sport: Ballet, soccer, tennis and competitive swimming.
Hobbies: I like painting, making handmade crafts,  and eating cherry pie.
Do you have a pet? Yes, I have a dog named Louie aka Scruffy McScruf and a cat named Selena.
What superpower would you like to have? To breathe underwater
If you were a dessert, what kind would you be? Cherry pie
What song describes you best? Happy (Pharell Williams)
If you were an animal, what would you be? Fish
If you were a superhero, what would your name be? The Flying Fish  
What is your nickname? Mary Killman and Leah Pinette