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USA Synchro


 Membership Type Fee  Membership Description 
 Trial Athlete $15
Renewable 30-day trial membership. Upgrades are available, but only $15 will be credited to the upgrade. 
This membership does not qualify for competitions.
 Introductory Athlete $45

Recreational or Collegiate athletes that do not compete in any championship events.  Non-championship events include: camps, clinics, and invitationals. 

 Competitive Athlete  $95 
Athletes that compete in championship events from the local to the national level.  Championship events include: Novice, Intermediate, and Age Group Championships, 13-15 Championships, Zone, Regional, Junior, and Senior Championships.
Professional  $100
Coaches, Instructors, Administrators, Judges Level 3 and above, Club Representatives, LSSC Officers, Zone Officers, members of the Board of Governors. 
 Life Member $2000 
Membership for those who wish to support US Synchronized Swimming for a lifetime.
 International Professional Member
$75 per quad 
Membership for international coaches wishing to participate in educational opportunities offered by USA Synchro.
(does not include any kind of insurance or other member benefits)
Club  $50 
Membership for the LSSC 
 Introductory Official $40 
Judges Levels 1 & 2 
 Friends of Synchro  $35
Supporters, fans, and/or family of USA Synchro