Celebrate USA Synchro de Mayo All Month Long

April 17, 2017, 9:53 p.m. (ET)

It’s almost May, which means it’s just about time for USA Synchro de Mayo, a month-long celebration of the incredible sport of synchronized swimming!

May is National Synchronized Swimming Month, and USA Synchro de Mayo is an opportunity for everyone to learn about the sport. Demonstrations, free clinics, water shows, exhibitions and day camps will be held to help raise awareness of the sport and to encourage others to try it out. Everyone gets the chance to be a synchronized swimmer for the day, or simply observe.

Seattle Synchro showed off their teamwork during last year's Synchro de Mayo.

Goals of USA Synchro de Mayo

As a member of USA Synchro, you are an essential component to USA Synchro de Mayo’s success! Whether it’s a free clinic, a water show or getting local media members to try out synchro, your participation will be key in highlighting your favorite sport.

Our goals for USA Synchro de Mayo are the first steps to growing your team and ultimately our sport, which are to:

  • Maximize exposure for our sport during a key time frame – the start of the age group and international competition season, season-end water shows and celebrations.

  • Generate trial memberships before summer recreation programs kick off and teams start up in the fall.

  • Leverage USA Synchro de Mayo as a way to launch your recruiting efforts for the upcoming season.

Event ideas

Below are some simple ideas/thought-starters for activities to enhance your USA Synchro de Mayo event. If you have other ideas, please visit us on Facebook and tell us about your idea.

  • Free clinic where basic skills are taught and a quick beginner routine is learned

  • Synchro challenge with local personalities (could be a top-ranked speed swimmer in your area – it doesn’t have to be someone famous)

  • Makeup booth - like face painting only kids get their makeup done like a synchro swimmer, by a synchro swimmer

  • Knox booth - people can ask questions, kids can have their hair knoxed/styled, etc.

  • Craft table where they can design their own swimsuits with glitter, crayons, sequins, etc.

  • Set up a “photo booth” where people can dress up in head pieces and caps and get their pictures taken

  • Create fun routines and post them on their Facebook page and be sure to tag #USASDM17

  • Host “bring a friend to practice” day or “bring a friend to lessons day”

  • Start a synchro trivia event on Facebook and tag #USASDM17: “How well do you know synchro?”

For more ideas, check out our Activation Guide link here.

To register your event, click here.

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