Message From The President May 2014

May 28, 2014, 11:28 a.m. (ET)

Dear Members,

As we approach June, we look toward our National Age Group Championships (NAG) with great expectations.  For the majority of you, this will be the culminating activity of your season. 

My expectations are that we will have a well run event filled with great swims.  NAG is the place where over 1,000 of our finest will come together for their “big” meet of the season. They and their coaches have worked hard and focused on qualifying for this important competition.  First time qualifiers are no doubt curious about the “big” meet of their season and what it will bring.  For them, I hope that this new experience will be a positive one.  I also hope that they will leave Federal Way with great anticipation of the next season and a desire to return to NAG next year.

For many of our veteran swimmers, NAG will be the culmination of their age group careers.  Next year they will be off to college or other career choices.  My expectation for them is that they will realize how valuable their years of participating in synchronized swimming have been to them.  I expect that they will come to realize that the life skills they have developed are very important and will stay with them forever.  We know that synchronized swimmers are fierce competitors!  We know that participating in synchronized swimming builds confidence!  We also know that the lifetime bonds that are developed with their teammates and yes, some of their competitors, are irreplaceable!

Good luck to all participants.  I wish for you the best swim(s) of the season.

I also have great expectations for the events we have planned for celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Synchronized Swimming in the Olympic Games (see other articles). I can’t wait to see and visit with our Olympians at Sequins, Glitter and Gold.  Just remember that each and every one of them developed through our age group program.  The NAG is where many of them first got the spark that ignited their desire to become an Olympian.  I wonder how many sparks we will light at the NAG in Federal Way?  My expectation and hope is that the answer is many.