Friends of Synchro Membership Campaign

March 26, 2014, 10:15 a.m. (ET)

If you were at the US Collegiate Synchronized Swimming Championships this past weekend you would know we have a great deal of friends both in and out of the pool.  The stands were full and the fans were on the edge of their seats as the title hunt came down to the last routine. We also launched a test of our first live social media blitz from an event.  

It is an exciting time for our sport and no where else is it exhibited at a higher level than at Collegiate Nationals. The confidence and pure athleticism of our athletes is impressive.  Mere tenths separated many of the routines which was thrilling. 

The bonds created and fostered by our sport with these athletes, coaches, officials, fans and volunteers has never been more evident.  These student athletes will always have the connection and pride associated with representing their school at this championship in the sport they love. Over and over, just prior to walking on deck to compete, I heard an athlete say to her teammates "Let's do it!" and "I love you guys".

Do you have friends or fellow alumni who may not be active in the sport? Ask them to become a Friend of Synchro via our spring membership campaign for this level of membership.  Take the opportunity to reach out and reconnect with those friends.  You are so fortunate to always have these lifelong bonds and this memberships supports all of our athletes and programs.

Friends of Synchro memberships are now $20! A savings of $15! Bonus to the first 200 paid new memberships will receive a gift card from our sponsor,  Click here to sign-up!  Don't forget to share this great offer with your friends and family.

Congratulations to our newest Friends of Synchro members who will receive a $20 gift certificate to!

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