eSynchro Tuesday Tips

June 28, 2014, 1:49 p.m. (ET)

2 Tips for a Straighter Barracuda Thrust
Height is often the primary focus for the Barracuda thrust- but good vertical alignment is important too. The most common mistake is to tip the legs over the face or to rotate the whole body so the legs are on the face.
1. Bend your arms when you start the thrust.
2. Sneak the hips into the unroll

Tip 2 on the Forward Arm during a Spin
The forward arm generates more force in spinning than the top arm, creating the rapid revolutions we want. When you reach across too far, it is nearly impossible to maintain vertical alignment. The whole body tips to the side or you bend in the hips or waist in an attempt to stay vertical. 

Visualize and Land Drill at the Competition Pool

What does the pool look like and feel like? What do you look like and feel like on the pool deck and in the pool? 

Land drill the same way. Do not just work on counting, synchronization and matching when you land drill, imagine that you are at the competition pool every time you land drill your routine.