Letter from the Executive Director

June 26, 2014, 5:21 a.m. (ET)

Dear USA Synchro Members,

Well, it has been about 4 months since I was officially named Executive Director.  Sometimes it feels like it has been 4 days, and sometimes it feels like it has been 4 years.  Nonetheless, I am extremely happy to be in this position, I see great things happening and lots of potential for even greater things.

Fundraising has been a high priority.  As I hope that you have received communication, in emails, the website, social media, or just old fashioned word of mouth, planning and preparation for the inaugural Sequins, Glitter, and Gold is coming along.  We will be celebrating our 30th year of being in the Olympic Games in Las Vegas, NV on July 19th.  We will honor all of our Olympians since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, show videos of their performances, have live and silent auctions, and most importantly, celebrate synchro!

We have some other very big fundraising news, but this is just a tease, as we will be sending out a separate press release very soon.  Sorry, I can’t let it out of the bag yet.

We have hired a new Business and Sport Development Manager, Rachel Hibner.  She has been with us for about 6 weeks and is doing an outstanding job.  She has started off running and hasn’t stopped since.  She has been instrumental in the organization of the Sequins, Glitter, and Gold event and will make her first appearance at a synchro event at the eSynchro Age Group Championships.  Make sure you introduce yourself to her if you see her there.

We will also be hiring a new employee for the newly named position of Member Services Coordinator, hopefully before the July enewsletter comes out.  There is a link to the job description on the Job Opportunities page under About Us on the website.

Jennifer and Janice have been doing a wonderful job in the office, helping out where needed, while still maintaining their current duties, really no surprise, they do this all of the time.

Myriam and Lila are in California handling all of the National Team Program needs and administering the vision of our High Performance Plan.  They conducted trials this spring, with the most recent being just a couple of weeks ago for the 2015 Senior National Team.  Myriam’s National Team coaching staff is preparing all of the athletes that have made the respective teams for their upcoming competitions:  12 and under and 13-15 for UANA Pan Am Age Group Championships; Seniors for US Open; and the Junior National Team for the Junior World Championships.

I really want to thank the USA Synchro staff for all of the work they do every single day.  They are here to help you, so if you need something, please contact the office.

I have heard some positive comments on some of our initial implementations including communication via email and social media, the website and mostly about the way we handle incoming calls to the office.  I have asked that we go back to a recording be the first source of contact but with an option to press 1 and immediately get to a live person.  This was more of a logistics process as now everyone has the opportunity to get a live person within seconds, or if they know the person that they need to speak with, they can go directly to that person.  The website has gone through some changes, and we still have several more to go.  This is a very large project and we are taking it in stages.  We have set up communication calendars that we have stories or points of interest that we feel will engage the membership.  This includes posts on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and regular email blasts.  We value comments that you may have in regards to how some of these plans are organized, and we also love to get positive feedback so that we know we are giving you what you want as a USA Synchro member.

Overall, I feel that it has been a productive 4 months.  I will assure you, we have no intention of stopping now.  The staff will continue their hard work and with comments and support from the USA Synchro community, the results of our plans for the remainder of the year will continue to move us forward.  When everyone works together and in the same direction, our goals will be met in no time at all.

Best Regards,

Kevin Warner

Executive Director