2014 USA Synchro Club Option Opportunity

Feb. 26, 2014, 11:19 a.m. (ET)
See the World through Synchro eyes!! Let your athletes and coaches gain international experience, make new friends and promote synchronized swimming around the world. Apply for a club option for the 2014 UANA Pan Am Synchronized Swimming Championships.

This year, USA Synchro along with our partners in Riverside, CA will host the UANA Pan Am Synchronized Swimming Championships this August. The championship is a multi-age group event and the perfect opportunity to expose your athletes to an international competition in your own backyard. Due to the entry rules, your athletes and club have the opportunity to join our US National Teams in attending the championships.

The IR Review Subcommittee is accepting club option applications from those clubs that are interested in being considered for the event. Just recently the process for club options and National Team participation at this championship was decided. The subcommittee's goal is to have a full entry from the USA since we are hosting the event.

Below is a tentative list of events available and a summary of the process for club option participation:

Tentative events:
1. Senior - 2nd duet
2. Junior - 1st and 2nd solo, duet and team, combo
3. 13-15 - 2nd solo, duet and team, maybe combo
4. 12&U - 2nd solo, duet and team
(Note: exact list of events will be determined after the National Teams are selected and the entry is received)

1. The National Teams for Senior, Junior and 13-15 will be finalized the end of May / beginning of June.  The 12&U National Team will be finalized middle of July.

2. If an athlete makes a national team, they will not be eligible for a club option to the UANA championships.

3. If an athlete is selected to a national team and then declines, that athlete will not be approved for a club option for the UANA Championships. Clubs will have to re-submit their list of names for confirmation and approval after the NT has been named/ confirmed.

4. The IR Review Subcommittee will consider the following results when approving the club options: 12&U US Age Group Championship results, 13-15 Championship results, the US Junior Championship results and the US National Championship results. Thus, the highest ranked competition will be used during the approval process. If an athlete does not participate in the above listed championships, then the IR Review Subcommittee may also consider Zone Championships.

5. Announcement of club options will occur:
Middle-End of June for the Senior, Junior and 13-15 club option applicants
After US Age Group Championships for the 12&U club option applicants

Please note that you must apply for a club option to be eligible for this event !

Applications are due Wednesday, March 5, 2014 and the procedures and application can be obtained from our website under Programs/ International Events or from Betty Hazle, International Relations Committee Chair, at bettyhazle@yahoo.com.

Please submit your application and the required deposit by the deadline (March 5, 2014), if you have any desire to be considered.  Full consideration will be given to submissions by the deadline.

For questions, contact Betty Hazle at bettyhazle@yahoo.com