eSynchro August Tuesday Tips

Aug. 26, 2014, 9:33 a.m. (ET)

Great SWIMMERS make great synchro swimmers. 
Good freestyle technique not only improves swimming efficiency and speed, it will help you improve your synchro techniques and build strength and endurance in the muscles necessary for good sculling technique.

1. Extend out through your fingertips as the hand enters the water.
2. The elbow should be higher than the hand throughout the pull.

Become a great swimmer with good technique and you will improve as a synchro swimmer!
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Freestyle Flip Turns
Last week, we had some tips for improving freestyle; this week it is the flip turn. Good flip turns will not only improve your swimming times and help improve your swim training sets; good flip turns can help improve your orientation and awareness in the water, your quickness and agility, and your leg strength with a good strong push off the wall. 

Tips for good freestyle flip turns:
1. Time your last pull into the wall so you are at a good distance from the wall to flip.
2. Pull with your last stroke as you pike forward at the hips. Both hands are now down near your feet and close to the surface. You need good FLEXIBILITY to do a good flip turn.
3. Hands pull slightly deeper as the legs flip over, ending in a good streamlined position.
4. Body should be horizontal with the feet planted on the wall. You are on your back!

If you have not worked on your flip turns, do it now so your fall training will be more effective. Flip turns are fun for young swimmers to learn and necessary for older swimmers to train effectively. 
Watch these two videos of the freestyle flip turn for some great images and tips!
Let’s impress all those swim teams at your pool with the swimming ability of your synchro swimmers!