Sea World of San Antonio Seeks Synchro Swimmers

Oct. 30, 2013, 3:56 p.m. (ET)

ÔMA Entertainment Inc. is looking for SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS for its show production Azul,  presented at Sea World of San Antonio.

Azul is the #1 rated show at SeaWorld. The show includes acrobats, synchronized swimmers, dolphins and beluga whales. The synchro swimmers need to be at ease in the water with the belugas (there are trainers at all times in the water with them). The water is 55 degrees F, but everyone is wearing a wet-suit.

Different positions are open:

-          Full year (from January 2014 to beginning of January 2015)

-          Seasonal (from May to beginning of September)

-          On call (Must live into two hours from San Antonio)

Please send in your proposal , to with :

-          Your CV

-          A video, or a link on YouTube, showing your abilities, with at first:

1. Presenting yourself in your bathing suit and telling us where you're coming from, your age, your background experience in synchro, and why you would like to be part of our show.

     2.  You must demonstrate leg skills and figures as well as arm skills, preferably demonstrated individually. Short group figures can also be included, provided you clearly point out where you are within the group.

Don't forget to mention for what position you are interested!

Demos must be sent before November 8th, 2013.