Halloween Savings at eSynchro!

Oct. 30, 2013, 3:49 p.m. (ET)

Save up to 40% on esynchro book packages priced at $31!

Figure Fundamentals have been extensively updated in the last year. These books provide an extensive visual and written explanation of each fundamental explaining extension, use of the hips, and sculling techniques as well as teaching and training drills. Each fundamental includes new Key Points and Notes to further explain the information. Fully Illustrated in COLOR!

                Figure Fundamental Pack 1- Volumes 1,2 & 3- all 3 for $31

                                 Vol 1: Layouts and Kip Lift

                                 Vol 2: Ballet legs and Pike down & lift to fishtail, vertical and bent knee

                                 Vol 3: Vertical  and Barracuda

                Figure Fundamental Pack 2- Volumes 4,5 & 6- all 3 for $31

                                 Vol 4: Walkout and Crane Join to Vertical & Descent

                                 Vol 5: Twists & Spins

                                 Vol 6: Rotations


                Figure Corrections Pack- Both volumes for $31

The perfect reference for any swimmer, coach or parent. Learn how to look at figure performance, find the mistakes and instruct to improve. Fully illustrated with correct positions and incorrect positions highlighted to show where the mistake is. More than 250 pages of information on all basic positions and basic to advanced transitions: barracuda, catalina rotation, spins, walkout, porpoise lift, kip lift, flamingo bent knee unroll, layouts, pike downs, verticals, descents and more.

                Mental Prep pack- 3 books for $31

Prepared to Perform, Competition Prep! And Parents Handbook- Start preparing for the competition every day. Incorporate strategies for success into your daily practice routines and perform at the level you want in competition.

                Routine Choreography Pack- The Art of Choreography and Pattern Play Book- 2 for $31

                Eye of the Artist & Synchro as Simple as 1-2-3: understand the science and how to apply it simply every day- 2 for $31

Super savings for 1 week thru November 4th!

 Two new books: 13-15 Figure Drills and Junior Figure Drills. Drills to master the new figures and improve performance of all your basic skills. Maximize practice time with effective drill sets for the figures. $5 off the digital version of the Figure Drill books for customers who already purchased Synchro  Faster, Higher, Stronger.

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