US Synchronized Swimming Foundation Update

Nov. 20, 2013, 11:19 a.m. (ET)

U.S. Synchronized Swimming Foundation Update

At the Foundation’s annual meeting, one thing became very clear to the Trustees—we can do better.  Yes, we serve as stewards of your money and willingly accept your donations.  Yes, we’ve given more than $2.25 Million of your donations back to the membership, and gave out $17,000 more in grants this year.  Yes, we directly invest in strengthening our NGB’s efforts to develop the sport by awarding more than $64,000 in grants to USA Synchro this year.

But we feel we can do better, and have the most immediate impact on the sport by having programs that directly impact every club, every coach, every judge and ultimately, every swimmer, now before the end of the year.  We have specific programs for Coaches, Judges, each association, and Colleges. By seeing every member being directly touched, we hope you will continue to contribute to the Foundation and the programs we support

Here are the programs that support all of the members of USA Synchro right now…


In the past, we’ve granted funds to every single club for use toward any CCP and/or Coaches College registration.  In 2012, only 57 clubs took advantage of the offer.  Just 57 of more than 175 clubs!  That’s free money left on the table!


So we’re going to try this again.  From Sept. 23 through Dec. 31, register and pay for any CCP course OR Coaches College, and the Foundation will fund up to $125 of your registration fee.  Limit one per club.

How to claim your credit: Register online for your request to use the grant if you have not already done so.  The link for this is located on the Education Page.  Once you have requested the grant, the credit will be applied to your account to be used for your specified course.  After it has been applied, you will need to register for that course online.


We are specifically having two programs for judges since it’s a major FINA update year, and our judges need to be trained now. Without appropriately trained judges, our sport is just a beautiful activity.

First, the Foundation funded our four FINA “A” Judges to the International Judges and Coaches Seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Second, we funded $100 toward registration for every national judge to attend the National Judges College.

Third, we’re funding up to $200 for each association for their local judges update, which is required for all judges to maintain their rating.  Consider doing your update with a neighboring association; you can pool your money and perhaps have 100% of your judges update paid for!

How to redeem:  Persons responsible for setting up the update should save all receipts for expenses incurred (e.g., instructor stipend, instructor travel, duplication of materials, instructor housing, etc.) and send the receipts to Jeanne Struck.  She will compile the totals and send them to Jennifer at the national office for payment.  Be sure to send receipts that reflect the reason for the expenditure.  Also, please include an email or phone number in case Jeanne has a question


Collegiate development is near and dear to the Foundation. There are a number of strong collegiate programs that are out on their own, with significant travel and training costs, and no parents to turn to for money.  So they fundraise, any way they can. This year, we will support college programs that want to help themselves by matching their fundraising efforts.

For all the collegiate programs that are doing fundraising, the Foundation will match up to $1,000 of their fundraising efforts this season.  You have until May 1 – an entire collegiate season – to raise whatever you’re capable of raising, and the Foundation will match it up to $1000.

How to redeem:  Send us a letter to the National Office or email a PDF to, on your letterhead, signed by your head coach and/or athletic director, that records what you did and how much you raised, and we’ll match your first $1K.


A Special Recognition for Emily (Marsh) Fleming …

Anyone, and everyone, in our sport over the past 30-odd years remembers and relishes their interactions with the tall, always smiling, always cheerful Emily (Marsh) Fleming.  Aside from her stellar synchro career, which includes 10 collegiate gold medals followed by two silvers at the 1999 Pan American Games, she is an outstanding ambassador for our sport as part of the U.S. National Team for more than 10 years, later on national committees and as a Masters athlete.  As her story has taken a severe turn for the worse in recent years due to breast cancer, the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Foundation – in concert with many members present at the USAS Convention – wants to ensure her legacy and her beaming smile live on.

USSSF is collecting donations for the College 529 fund to support her 3-year-old son Bryce’s future education needs. Please take the time to read Emily’s story, or watch this short video, and consider Emily’s family’s future in your plans this giving season. Donations can be made online at, or to the National Office at 132 E. Washington Street, Suite 820, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  Please mark your donation to the attention of:  Bryce’s Fund.