Judges' Update

Nov. 20, 2013, 11:20 a.m. (ET)

The list of current association Judges' Update is located on the website: Judges Training

Association Grants for Judges' Update:

Associations have been awarded $200.00 per association from the USSS Foundation to aid in updating all levels of judges for the next quadrennial.

Persons responsible for setting up the update should save all receipts for expenses incurred (e.g., instructor stipend, instructor travel, duplication of materials, instructor housing, etc) and send the receipts to Jeanne Struck.  She will compile the totals and send them to Jennifer at the national office for payment.  Be sure to send receipts that reflect the reason for the expenditure.  Also, please include an email or phone number in case Jeanne has a question.  Good updating!

Don't forget to take advantage of the educational grant given to each club.  Each club was awarded $125.00 to be used for education,   (e.g., CCP2, CCP1, or Coaches College).  It should be registered for before the end of the year: Education Page.  Once registered, scholarship will be attached to your account.

CCP Opportunities:

December 6-8   AZ Association   Skyline Aquatics Center, Mesa, AZ

December 13-15   YWCA Central Massachusetts, Worcester, MA              

TBD- January/February    Minnesota Area

Registration is available at: Current CCP Opportunities