President Update FINA Technical Congress

July 24, 2013, 2:10 p.m. (ET)

Dear Members:

The Technical Congress for Synchronized Swimming was held yesterday.  Everything that was recommended by the TSSC and Bureau were passed EXCEPT for changing to a 13-14 age group.  

After September 18th, when the new rules become effective, the following changes will be law:

  • A highlight routine will be in the World Cup, as well as in the World Trophy.
  • All routines will be judged using three panels of five judges.
  • Technical routines: judges will input individual scores for each element and they will be calculated using the degrees of difficulty of the elements.
  • Technical routine panels: Execution (execution of everything but elements, synchronization), Impression (difficulty, choreography, music interpretation, manner of presentation), Elements (individual scores for each element). Execution = 30%, Elements = 40%, Impression = 30%. Note: for execution and impression, judges will input one score for each category.
  • Free routine panels: Execution = 30% (execution and synchronization of all movements), Artistic Impression = 40% (choreography, music interpretation, manner of presentation), Difficulty = 30%
  • 13-15 Age Group remains intact.
  • Time limit changes: Free solos = 2 minutes 30 seconds, Free duets = 3 minutes, Highlight routine = 2 minutes 30 seconds

These are the major changes.  I am also attaching the new figure groups and elements. Two of the new FINA Figures that we submitted are included in the list.  They are the Tower and Butterfly.

Overall Comments-

  1. We are excited about the way that Technical Routines will be judged.
  2. We are disappointed that the 13-14 age group did not pass.
  3. We are disappointed that individual component scores will no longer be input by the judges. This is going backwards.

On behalf of Betty and myself, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your delegates to the Congress.

2013 Elements
Description of all figures without diagrams
Figure Description- Butterfly



Judy McGowan