Team USA Finishes 7th At FINA World Trophy Cup

Dec. 03, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)
A United States squad made up of members of the Walnut Creek 
(Calif.) Aquanuts placed seventh at the FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy in
Mexico City on Sunday. 

China won its first World Trophy, taking the top spot in four events: highlight routine,
thematic duet, thematic team and free combo. Japan finished second overall and Ukraine was third.  

The U.S. scored 90.463 points in the free combo Sunday to take seventh. The team swam to an African theme that Walnut Creek used to win the 2012 U.S. Open Championships.

On Saturday, the U.S. placed sixth in the thematic team event with 91.000 points.

On Friday, the U.S. finished ninth in the highlight routine and seventh in the thematic duet. The team scored 87.588 points while swimming to “Mexican Hat Dance Remix.” Jamie Kuchan and Alexa Tchekmarev finished seventh with 88.050 points in the thematic duet. They swam to a shark theme, complete with costumes featuring fins and teeth.

Five members of the 2012 U.S. Junior National Team – Kuchan, Tchekmarev, Morgan
Boneburg, Karina Boyle and Sandra Ortellado – competed  in Mexico.  
This was the seventh annual World Trophy, which is judged solely on artistic merit. Ten
national federations took part in the competition: United States, Brazil, Canada, China, 
Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. 

2012 World Trophy U.S. Team (Mexico City):
  • Morgan Boneburg (Clayton, Calif./2012 Junior World Team member)
  • Sophia Bouzos (Walnut Creek, Calif./2012 U.S. Open Champion)
  • Karina Boyle (Walnut Creek, Calif./2012 Junior World Team member)
  • Jasmine Carillo (Walnut Creek, Calif./201113-15 National Team member) 
  • McKinzie Chelberg (St. Paul, Minn./2011 Junior National Team member)
  • Rina Horii (Walnut Creek, Calif./2012 U.S. Open Champion, 2011 Junior National Team member)
  • Sarah House (Lafayette, Calif./2012 U.S. Open Champion, 2011 Junior National Team member)
  • Jamie Kuchan (Mesa, Ariz./2012 Junior World Team member)
  • Remy Mink (Alamo, Calif./2012 National Age Group Champion)
  • Sandra Ortellado (Walnut Creek, Calif./2012 Junior World Duet and team member)
  • Alexa Tchekmarev (Walnut Creek, Calif./2-time Grand Slam National Champion, 2012 Junior World Team member)
  • Lizzie Welzien (San Ramon, Calif./2012 U.S. Open Champion)

FINA 7th Annual World Trophy final standings:

1. China, 384.625 points

2. Japan, 379.450

3. Ukraine 378.775

4. Canada, 374.450

5.Mexico, 371.588

6. Russia, 364.225

7. USA, 357.100

8. Netherlands, 353.250

9.Brazil, 352.263

10. Great Britain, 87.988