USA Synchro announces partnership with PowerChalk

April 06, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

INDIANAPOLIS – USA Synchro is proud to announce a three-year partnership with PowerChalk, LLC, a Cary, N.C.-based technology company. PowerChalk is the world's first and only completely web-based motion-analysis system, and it will allow USA Synchro coaches, athletes and parents to evaluate and critique video to improve performance.

“One of our fundamental goals is to improve coaching and athlete education,” said USA Synchro Executive Director Terry Harper. “PowerChalk gives us a unique opportunity to share knowledge among coaches and athletes at virtually any time, from diverse parts of the country. It offers far more efficient training opportunities than we have had before. We feel PowerChalk will be a significant benefit to our members.” 

PowerChalk allows you to easily deploy the system on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and is simple and easy to use.

PowerChalk CEO Chaz Henry added, “The ability to upload, analyze, and share videos of synchronized routines from any device, without loading software, is revolutionary. We are proud to be a partner of USA Synchro, and look forward to being a great asset to all USA Synchro members.”

Highlights of the partnership include:
  • All USA Synchro members will receive 50% off accounts and premium upgrades.
  • National Team athletes will receive the Synchro standard account as a benefit to being part of their respective National Teams.
  • Coaches of the National Teams will receive the Synchro premium account. These coaches and athletes will then have the ability to communicate and interact with each other during the year without having to be in the same location.
  • Fall skills competition, skills camp, and National Team trials competitors will all receive the Synchro standard account as a benefit of participating in the National Team Pipeline.
  • Instructions and more details will be available on the USA Synchro website at

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