USA Synchro Names 16 to 17 and 18 to 19 Age Group Champions

July 02, 2011, 12 a.m. (ET)
INDIANAPOLIS – The 2011 eSynchro Age Group Championships concluded
Saturday with the finals of the 16-17 and the 18-19 Age Group competition. The world’s
largest synchronized swimming championship began competition on June 25 and was
hosted by the Pacific Northwest Association of Synchronized Swimming.

In the 16-17 solo, Seattle Synchro’s Lorraine Hack (148.703) topped the medal stand
followed by Julie Grazanti (145.580) of the Tonawanda Aquettes and Carolyn
Vasconcellos (140.457) of the Flagler County Belles.

In the 16-17 duet, Grizanti teamed up with Anita Alvarez (144.203) for a top finish.
Flagler County’s Carrie Hartnett and Emily Petkovsek took second with a 139.672
and Jannel Diaz and Noelis Orochena of the Coral Springs Aquacades grabbed third
with a 139.248.

In the 16-17 trio, Hartnett, Petkovsek and Vasconcellos joined forces to take the gold
medal with a 140.378. Tucson Synchro (Maggie Gauthier, Samantha McKinney and
Alexa Stallworth) and the Coral Springs Aquacades (Diaz, Diana Luzardo and Sarah
Vega) followed.

Tucson Synchro reigned supreme in the 16-17 team event with a 138.482. The
Gainesville Gaviatas (136.755) and Buffalo Swimkins (135.044) followed.

The eight-day event wrapped up with the 18-19 age group finals. In the solo, Seattle
Synchro’s Sydney Sprinkle (146.620) took first followed by Kayla Moses (141.777) of
the CDYMCA Sculpins and Jessica Nicole Done (140.173) of the Redwood Empire.

In the 18-19 duet, Seattle’s Sprinkle and Hack (148.245) teamed up to top the medal
stand. Daniela Faria and Amaya Gonzalez (141.848) of the Coral Springs Aquacades
placed second followed by Braxton Moore and Katherine Justice of the Cincinnati
Synchrogators (141.494).

In the 18-19 trio, Justice and Moore of Cincinnati joined Nicole Porter for the top finish.
The Coral Springs Aquacades (Gonzalez, Orchena and Amber Reif) took second
followed by Suncoast Waterworks (Sarah Cooke, Kimberly Goyack and Shea

In the 18-19 team event, the Coral Springs Aquacades earned the gold medal with 144.010. The Tonawanda Aquettes (141.875) and the Cincinnati Synchrogatorsn(141.271) took second and third, respectively.

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