World Junior Champions Crowned in Indianapolis

Aug. 15, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)

INDIANAPOLIS – The 2010 World Junior Champions in the solo and combination events were crowned in Indianapolis today as competition wrapped up at the 12th FINA/eSynchro World Junior Synchronised Swimming Championships.*

In the solo event, Russia’s Vlada Chigireva earned the gold medal followed by Lolita Anasova of
Ukraine and Canada’s Emilia Kopcik. Team USA was represented by Alexa Tchekmarev, who finished the day in 10th place. Russia also claimed gold in the combination event and was joined by Ukraine and Canada on the medal stand. Team USA finished in 7th place. 

The world’s most elite junior synchronized swimmers have been competing in Indianapolis since Wednesday at the IU Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI. Scores from the solo event were combined with the figure scores, which swimmers earned individually on Friday. The internationally-sanctioned competition features the team and duet events, which are also Olympic disciplines. The team event consists of eight athletes and the duet consists of two synchronized swimmers. The competition will also include the solo and the free combination routine event. The solo requires a swimmer to synchronize a routine to music; the free combination routine is considered a fan-favorite and incorporates a variety of different routines into one four-and-a-half minute program.

The biennial event is open to Junior National Teams worldwide and marks the second time the
competition has been held in the United States. Team USA is represented by the U.S. Junior National Team, which was named in May 2010, and has been training together for nine weeks.

SOLO RESULTS (12 Finalists)
1. Russia 171.548
2. Ukraine 166.708
3. Canada 165.277
4. Japan 161.030
5. Greece 160.789
6. China 160.669
7. Spain 158.694
8. Italy 158.408
9. France 158.079
10. United States 156.376 
11. Belarus 152.580
12. Switzerland 150.572

1. Russia 91.840
2. Ukraine 90.250
3. China 89.710
4. Canada 89.410
5. Spain 86.600
6. Japan 86.360
7. United States 85.640
8. Italy 85.190
9. Greece 85.020 
10. Switzerland 81.250
11. Brazil 76.770
12. Columbia 76.430

MEDIA CONTACTS: Taylor Payne, United States Synchronized Swimming, 317.507.3410 mobile or

*Please note that the European spelling for “synchronized” is used per FINA’s request.

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