Andrea Nott Blog - Bringin' it

Aug. 19, 2008, 11:32 p.m. (ET)

Christina and I are ranked fifth after our tech and free swims over the past 2 days. Of course, we would love to be placed higher so far, but we aren't giving in yet.  

We've been getting our own music time in the morning at BNU then heading over to the Cube for another warm up and competition.  We were a lot less nervous than we were expecting to be before the tech swim, and once we hit the pool we felt totally in the moment of every move and totally connected. We had a few synchro errors, but we were really proud of how technically correct we performed each element.  

For the free yesterday, we were definitely more nervous. We dove in a count late, but it turned out okay because we just waited for each other and caught back up with the music. I don't think anyone could have noticed it. Then, since we decided we have nothing to lose, we just went all out on every move, and if we died at the end, so what?! And... we did. It was SO hard, but it was our best swim to date!

I told my best friend Lisa that I would make a little hand gesture for her as I was getting out, but I was so hypoxic at that point, I think it just looked like I had a hand cramp and was trying to shake it out. I guess I'll try again today :)

Today, we are going to try to perform and connect to the audience and judges even more. The free routine really lends itself to that. Thank you everyone for all your good luck messages and support! We really can feel it!  

P.S. We're bringing our podium sweats today, j.i.c. ! 


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