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USA Synchro


Mission Statement 

USA Synchro is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of synchronized swimming and by FINA as a constituent member of United States Aquatic Sports for participation in the Olympic Games.

USA Synchro unites, promotes and inspires athletes to achieve sustained competitive and personal excellence in the women’s Olympic sport of synchronized swimming.

Kevin Warner - Executive Director

Kevin serves as Executive Director of USA Synchro and is responsible for marketing, development and sponsor development.  Kevin also plans, implements and coordinates all educational programs and courses for USA Synchro. 

Julie Fabre- Junior/Senior National Team Head Coach

Myriam Glez - High Performance Director

Myriam plans, implements and oversees all training and support for the USA Synchro National Team Program.

Jennifer Hawkins - Finance Manager

Jennifer maintains the financial records of USA Synchro.

Rachel Hibner- Business & Sport Development Manager

Rachel works with our sponsors and serves as an event liaison at all of our championships.

Dax Lowery - Communications Specialist

Dax coordinates media requests and press releases for USA Synchro.

Lila Meesseman-Bakir- Education and Technical Coordinator

Lila helps coordinate the USA Synchro educational programs. 

Janice Sherman - Administrative Assistant

Janice assists office personnel with various tasks.