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Well technically we are the Gold Medalist for the 2007 Pan American Games.

Yesterday continued the theme of bad weather and rain delays. We were supposed to leave around 11 for a 1 o'clock game. After getting all our equpiment together, getting dressed and meeting downstairs Coach informs us that the game before ours had not started and was delayed a few hours. We checked back in throughout the day a few times, and just kept being told they would make a call a little later. Finally they called the tournament, and since we won the match up of the #1 seeds in the semi finals, we were awarded the gold. When we heard the news my room had a pretend dog pile on the bed, and Lauren wanted to have our own pretend medal ceremony complete with the National Anthem playing from her computer, but that didn't happen.

After finding out the news, plans were set in motion to get ready to go eat some real food. We had reservations at a Brazillian steak house. It is one of those places where you pay a flat rate and they just bring all sorts of meat buy and load your plate up until you flip your card from green to red. We tried a few different types of steak, chicken, pork, lamb, sausage, and we even all ate a chicken heart together. We were a bit overwhelmed because the food just kept coming and coming. It was the best meal we have had in a while, and we all throughly enjoyed it.

Sunday is closing ceremonies. I am sure we will watch our men's basketball team play, and then we will head out. Rumor has it Laura Berg has received the honor to be the flag bearer at the ceremony for the US Congregation. This is a huge honor, and for those of us that know Laura know she is the best choice to do it. She has been a staple on this team for many years. She isn't flashy or showy, but she gets the job done. She's an incredibile leader, who has kept this team together and passed on the tradition of USA Softball to us all. We are all proud to hear she'll be carrying our countries flag.

We don't leave until Tuesday, so Monday is supposed to be filled with sight seeing.

Update you later!