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Sorry about the delayed blog everyone! The day wasn't too eventful.

We all learned how much our early mornings had caught up to us yesterday. We could finally sleep in so no one set alarms, and I don't know about the other rooms, but my room slept until almost 11 am. We loved every minute of that extra sleep! We had to be ready to leave for the field at 1:45 though, so we had a quick lunch (including rice and beans) and then got ready to head out.

We had our normal pregame, saw the end of an exciting Venezuela vs Cuba game, and then took the field for our match up against Canada. We set the tone early by having good at bats, and played soundly in the field. This team is amazing to watch sometimes. We get up for any challenege, and even against one of the top college pitchers from the states, we put up the offense we need.

Luckily we have found a way to order pizza from a Dominos close by, and that was last nights dinner. We need breaks from the monotony of the dining hall. It was nice to havea change of pace. Nothing else really happeneed. We just hung out in our rooms and watched our Men's Basketball team on TV. They defeated Argentina 73-71.

We have our gold medal match today, if it quits raining! if you ever want to visit Rio, don't do so at the end of July!

Cheer us on today!