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ASA/USA Softball

Good evening folks!

Our second day of competition has come and gone. We defeated Cuba 10-0 today, and secured the top seed from our pool going into the playoffs. I am not sure how the playoffs are set up, but I think both #1 seeds meet up tomorrow. We will match up with Canada in the afternoon, so we are all ecstatic about beiing able to sleep in for once! These early mornings are catching up to us.

Before I go through our day, I want to mention that while the scores reflect blowout games the teams we are competing against have improved dramatically. I feel like 4 years ago when we went to the Dominican Republic these same teams were behind in their skill level. To watch some of these pitchers, and see them using good mechanics and spinning the ball correctly is fun. Pitchers weren't up to that level before. You can tell countries are really putting the effort into making their teams better. Another thing we have noticed is these countries enthusiasim for the game. They get so excited when they get a hit or record a big out. They chant and yell non-stop. It's fun to see because when you face our line up, it can be easy to get down. I don't think a single team has let their emotions die while playing us.

We're a group of 17 girls right now, and you know what girls love to do... SHOP! After our game we all made plans to head to the mall, which also included an outdoor eating area with a bunch of American restraunts. Our team had a great meal at none other than Outback Steakhouse. The table was full of appetizers, salads, and eventually steaks! I guess you don't realize how much you miss food like that until you have to eat the same stuff every morning, noon and night. After eat we all walked around the mall for a while. Brazil is known for their flip flops called Haviannas and their bikinis. Most people came home with one or the other, some both! It was a fun afternoon for us, but we all hit a wall after a while and came back to the village to rest.

We're about to hit the beds and sleep as late as we can! Tomorrow is a big day for us, and we hope you guys are sending good thoughts!

Fill you in on another day in our village soon!