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Third time was the charm! We finally made it on to the playing field!

We woke up an hour later today (cheers for that!) and suited up in our red uniforms for the third day and headed off to the complex. The field wasn't near ready, so to continue with the theme of the trip, we waited around until they gave us the green light to play. We started off with the home team Brazil. I won't give you the play by play, because the write ups cover that, but I'll give you the stuff they don't include. After hearing how much Brazil boos Americans, we were surprised at the ovation we got when they introduced us. They cheered loudly for us, and I think the only booing going on at the softball stadium was towards the umpires. Where doesn't that happen?

The field wasn't in the best condition, but we made it work. Dealing with adversity is the name of the game, and honestly we have played in most conditions, so we just adapt as quick as we can. We did have a few slip ups! Both Bustos and Kretschman took a fall rounding third. Bustos was still safe at home because Dre had just belted her grandslam against Colombia. Kretch on the other hand ended up getting tagged out in a run down. The running lane on the foul side of the third base line is maybe a foot wide of dirt, so as soon as anyone hit the wet grass their feet went flying. I think the hardest thing of the day was being at the field for so long. We havn't had to play a double header in a while, and that takes it's toll, especially when you rise with the sun!

When we arrived at the village, we all went and enjoyed our nightly helping of black beans and rice! It's been fun to just sit in the cafeteria and chit chat away while people watching. Today was our Team Leader, Polly McCormick's, birthday! We sang to her on the bus, and Bustos and JT got her a chocolate Sunday from the ice cream stand after dinner! Polly is the best, and we would not survive without her! So again... Happy Birthday Polly!

It's bed time here! We have to get up one more time for the first game of the day! It's raining and windy right now, so we're taking bets on what time we actually play! =)

More tomorrow...