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July 23, 2007
Well today started off bright and early! We all woke around 5:45am to get dressed and eat breakfast before our 6:40 am departure from the village. We were supposed to have games at 9 and 11:30. We all loaded up the bus and drove to our venue only to get within about 20 yards of the gate. As soon as the bus turned in, an event person waved the bus down and send us straight back to the village. You see, last night there was a big wind storm. It kept a few of us up because it was howling loudly right outside our windows. Apparently this wind storm was strong enough to knock part of it over. We weren't given specifics, but one rumor was part of the roof had been blown off. Basically the venue was not in decent enough shape to host games.

Our games have all been pushed back a day, but the day of semi finals will now also host the last round of pool play, so basically each day will have 2 games except championship day. We are so lucky to have 9 AM games every morning! That means we will be used to waking up before the sun!

After coming back to the village we had about an hour and a half to nap or relax. At 9 AM we met and still didn't have an update, so we were sent to relax some more. My apartment watched movies all day and played on our computers. It's not very often we get free wireless, so we are taking full advantage of it. There isn't much to do in the village anyways, so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. When we finally recieved word at 1:30 that we were not playing, most of us put on our swim suits and headed to the pool to catch a few rays. Coincidentally right as we get situated the sun decided to hide behind the coulds for an hour.

We did have a pool workout though. About 8 of us were in the pool going through different exercises and treating water. This took about half an hour, and then the rest of the team headed off to the weight room to lift. We have a great strength and conditioning coach, Brandon Marcello, who helps put together our workouts. He also adds special sessions like the pool workouts to recover from fatigure and speed training to those who want them. It's a benefit to have him around. Not to mention if we have any "whys" about our activities, he usually has scientific answers for us.

We had our normal meals which are consisting of beans, rice, pizza rolls that have bacon bits in them instead of pepperonio, french fries (I havn't folded to the pressure of these), and rolls. Occassionally some us venture out and try the different pastas or meats. I think the majority definitly bank on beans and rice though. There is a fast food sort of place in the International Zone of our village which serves milkshakes, so a group of girls have made it a nightly ritual to make a shake trip.

We are about to head to bed soon since we have another early morning ahead of us! We are anxious to get on the field and represent USA. None of us take for granted the oppurtunity we have before us. We all appreciate the oppurtunity to wear Red, White and Blue.

Until tomorrow.... hopefully with game updates this time!