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Hello again,

This is going to be a short update because it is bed time here in the village. We are blessed enough to have 9 AM games everyday, which means 6:40 AM departure times! That's a bit early for us.

Today was another practice day, but the morning started off with laughs. Finch, Dre and Caitlin played dress up in Bustos and JT's clothes and paraded around the apartments. We all got a kick out of it. Practice was the same as yesterday, except today we spotted two Toucan's in the trees. It's fun to find something we don't get to see everyday.

Tomorrow starts the tournament for us. We will be bright eyed and bushy tailed when we take on the home team Brazil at 9, and we'll continue our journey with Canada at 11:30. This team is ready to take the field and represent the USA. It's motivating to run into other teams who are returning to the village with medals.

I'll updated again tomorrow with some more details!

Sorry for the brief entry today!