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Bom Dia (pronounced Bom- Jia),

That's hello in Portuguese, and the greeting we are learning to say when we go to the dining hall. Day two is coming to a close, and I can say it has been pretty uneventful. Some people went to the gym and lifted this morning, while others got their sleep! I should mention the team of 17 is broken up into 3 apartments. My apartment houses myself and Alicia sleeping on the beds in the living room. Vicky and Monica have what we established as the master bedroom, and Jessica has the other room to herself. There are 6 beds in each apartment, but the good news is there are 2 indoor bathrooms to share. There is an interesting outdoor bathroom, closed off so no one gets a view of course, but we havn't used that one since we don't want misquitos to get in our place.

We had practice at what we think was a college today. It was interesting because when we pulled up "Home of the Panthers" was written in English on the building, so we assumed maybe we were at an American College. The drive to the practice facility, which is not the same place we will play, was about 30-45 minutes. Time flies when we are being spectators. We finally got a glimpse at the beach, which looked beautiful. We also passed the "Redeemer" statue, which we have been informed has been added to the Wonders of the World list. It looks like it is pretty big. Rumor has it we will get to sightsee on our last day in Rio. Another interesting moment on the drive was closer to the school. As we pass through a stop light we saw a kid, about 10 years old maybe, doing flips in the middled of cars. He was doing cart wheels, handsprings and back flips. Instead of just begging for money, he was trying to earn it.

We found a Wal Mart today, so our apartments are set up with essentials now! Also my apartment just now got Monica's portable DVD player hooked up to the TV, so we are going to watch a movie!

Catch up with us tomorrow!