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Hello everyone!

The last few days have been a whirlwind for us. We wrapped up the World Cup with a solid victory against a good Japan squad, and then we took off to Washington DC for Pan Am Games processing. The first night we were in town a good portion of us made it over to the Washington Glory vs. Philadelphia Force game. It was fun to watch some of our former teammates play, and for Kelly and Monica, they got to see their own team in action.

Processing began at 9 AM with a meeting about the culture of Brazil, the way the games have been running up until this point, security, and what it means to be representing the USA. After being briefed on everything we got to the fun part, the free clothes! Just like the Olympics, we get Pan American apparel to sport while we are in Rio. We have an outfit to wear on the podium whenever a team receives a medal. We have lounge wear to bum around the village in, and we also have another outfit to wear to closing ceremonies. The best part of the apparel was when Finch and Abbott tried on this sleeveless shirt we got. They both jumped out of the fitting room with this shirt on posing like they were in a body building contest. It was quite hysterical, and I think the USOC workers got their laughs for the day just from the 20 minutes our team was in there. We ate lunch, and then headed to practice. What we thought was going to be a very hot and humid practice ended up being! a very wet one. We got rained on while we hit, but needless to stay we stayed out there and finished BP before loading up for the airport.

Our flight to Rio was supposed to take off at 9:30 pm, and at about midnight I think we finally boarded the plane. It was late getting to D.C, therefore we were late taking off. Most of us spent our time eating, reading or playing spades. Monica and I took on Laura and Vicky in spades. We won, but I will admit we stacked the deck at one point while they were away, and they never caught on! =) We fessed up eventually.

Majority of the team slept the whole flight to Rio. We were a tired group.On our ride from the airport to the village we had a police escort, which was nice since we avoided traffic. The area we drove through was very different. There are many houses and apartments built on top of each other on one block, then a few blocks down you will see nicer houses spaced out. The one thing I did notice is that all the kids in this country are out running around. We passed quite a few pick up soccer games, but a ton of kids were out flying kites. I remember having a kite when I was little, but I feel like that past time is lost in the states. It was fun to see the different colors and shapes flying in the sky.

We weren't able to practice today, but we did get a conditioning session in here in the village. The apartments we are in are very nice, and the village as a whole is impressive with fountains, a small river, and pools all over the place. We are enjoying ourselves so far, and keeping up with the Pan Am games through the live feeds they run to our TVs! We hope you guys keep up with us at and check out ESPN Deportes, as they are running highlights and footage of the games here in Brazil.

Until tomorrow!
Cat #8