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August 9, 2004

It's our third experience at an Olympic Games and it never gets old. We are still excited to check out all the village has to offer and to practice on the fields right next to our venue. The fields are beautiful and the setting next to the water is such a pretty sight. Practice has been keeping us busy- we have two hours to practice on the fields but we try to squeeze 3-4 hours of work into that amount of time. We're fine tuning all the little things at this point and look forward to our first game in a few days. Time has been flying by- we've been here for almost two weeks now and it feels like we just arrived. 

We have been checking out the Religious Center to see if they hold Bible Studies (in Sydney it was great to meet with other Christians from around the world). Yesterday we went and there were finally people there holding a Bible study. There were two women archers from the U.S., two boxers from Nigeria, and somebody from South Africa, Nigeria, Australia and Canada. The Olympic Games truly is an event that brings the world together! It has been great to be on the field the past week with Coach Candrea again- he brings an added intensity to the field. We are also excited for our families to be arriving in the next few days. Until then, thanks for the prayers- keep them coming! (Love you Jake and Tommy :) ).

Hi everyone it's me Laura :-) Everything is going great here. The village is huge. There are buses in the village to takes us to different parts of the village. We have to remember not to walk in front of the bus because they will not stop. It's awesome to see all the different flags around the village. Our practices are going great. We practice on the practice fields next to the main stadium. It's inspiring to see the main stadium while we are practicing. We scrimmaged the other day and let me add I'm glad our pitchers are on my team. We are having a blast practicing but we are ready for the Games to start. Okay it's time to go.

Laura Berg #44 and Leah O'Brien-Amico #20 Go USA!