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August 1, 2004
Well we have officially made it to Athens! We are all moved into the village, and even have a couple of practices under our belts.
The village is HUGE! Some have taken on the adventure of catching a bus to our destinations, but often times we end up on the wrong side of the village and have to switch buses to get to where we really want to go. Myself and some others have learned to enjoy the long walks to our favorite places, mainly internet and dining hall. Our dining hall is big as well. It's filled with so many tables and different food stations. I can't forget the most important, there is a McDonalds in the cafeteria, and from what we hear, once the village is open and fully operational it will be 24 hours! Some of us are having to withstand our urges to grab McDs for every meal.
We are all on one floor of an apartment. There are 4 bedrooms on each side with two people to a room! The only bad part is there are only 2 bathrooms, but so far showering has worked out well. We figured out how to dial out of our land line phone, and slowly we are making friends around the village. Well we say making friends, but its really people getting used to seeing us come to the same places everyday.
We had our first practice yesterday. We have 2 practice fields next to our stadium. After a good practice we were able to get a tour of our stadium. Now being the bright college student I am, I forgot my video camera on this day. (Sense the sarcasm please) I have no footage of our stadium, but it's really nice. There are 4 locker rooms. 2 for the teams playing and 2 for the teams waiting to play the next game. They all have connections to the dugout, so it's really not a hassle getting around there at all. The seating in our stadium is nice as well. Not a bad seat in the house, with the exception of if you are in the sun, but then the sun is the only bad part!
We are enjoying ourselves so far,but are definitely looking forward to Coach Candrea and the alternates arrival!
We miss you all back home! We love you!
Cat #8