Easton prepare for season without Helmer

April 11, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

From Softball360.com

Las Vegas, Nevada – Team Easton looked like champs at spring training in Las Vegas. Brian Wegman and Scott Kirby were already swinging for the fences. But as “Wegs“ and “Kirbs“, prepare to defend Easton’s Team Title and the Manufactures Cup, something familiar was missing. Team Easton starts the 2014 Stadium Power Tour without legendary, long time leader, Brett “The Hitman“ Helmer.

Helmer retired in dramatic fashion in the Stadium Power Tour Final last season. Helmer and eventual champ Denny Crine went “one on one” in sudden death, hit for hit, blow for blow, until Crine ultimately edged Helmer.

Wegman and Kirby know Helmer set the pace, but they are keenly aware that Helmer will never be replaced. “Wegs” knows, it’s time for a new chapter. ”Helmer is….and will always be a monster at the plate and is a class act, he set the tone. Kirbs and I will follow the lead Helmer set, but it’s going to be odd without him, he was the heart and soul.“

As Team Easton, prepared to defend the Manufactures Cup without Helmer, one important aspect has not changed, Kirby says their love of the game is at the core of it all. “We are here for the friendships, the competition…and yes, the sweet spot when you hit it just right with an Easton Bat!”