2013 SP Champ Series

By Codi Warren | Sept. 27, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

2013 ASA/USA Softball Men’s Class A Slow Pitch

FIRST- TEAM All American

      POSITION        PLAYER                                                                           TEAM NAME

      IF                     Brian Wegman                                        Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton

      IF                     Brad Reckert                                          Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      IF                     Dennis Rulli                                                                   O&S Cattleman
      IF                     Jake Alienben                                                                   Armed Forces
      IF                     Dale Brungardt                                                               O&S Cattleman
      OF                    Cory Large                                              Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      OF                    Kyle Pearson                                          Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      OF                    Nick Santana                                                                 O&S Cattleman
      OF                    Neil Haglund                            Chempak/West Coast Lazers/Madd Skills
      UTILITY            Cory Booth                                                                                Sonny’s
      UTILITY            Bryce Oliveira                                                                            Sonny’s
      UTILITY            Kevin Bazat                                            Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      UTILITY            Kevin Filby                                             Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      UTILITY            Lee Powers                                                                    O&S Cattleman
      P                      Travis Clark                                            Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton

    Men’s Class A Slow Pitch SECOND- TEAM All American

       POSITION        PLAYER                                                                           TEAM NAME

      IF                     Brandon Gooding                                                        4 the Fallen/Miken

      IF                     Chris Greinert                                                                            Sonny’s
      IF                     Chente Granados                      Chempak/West Coast Lazers/Madd Skills
      IF                     Kenneth Turlington                                                        All Armed Forces
      IF                     Bubba Mack                                                                   O&S Cattleman
      OF                    Kyle Cowart                             Chempak/West Coast Lazers/Madd Skills
      OF                    Matt Schrage                                               Rip City/Iron Hawk/DeMarini
      OF                    Brendan Dillon                                        Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton
      OF                    Frank Deaver                                                              4 the Fallen/Miken
      UTILITY            Mickey Rowland                                                    Tharaldson Enterprise
      UTILITY            Chris Larsen                                                Rip City/Iron Hawk/DeMarini
      UTILITY            Reggie Schulte                                                               O&S Cattleman
      UTILITY            Dustin Roberts                         Chempak/West Coast Lazers/Madd Skills
      UTILITY            Denny Crine                                                               4 the Fallen/Miken
      P                      Geno Buck                                                                     O&S Cattleman

Home Run Champion – Dale Brungardt                                                          O&S Cattleman

Batting Champion – Kyle Pearson (14-for-14)                               Rip City/Iron Hawk/DeMarini

Most Valuable Player – Brian Wegman                                    Long Haul/JJ/Doerfinger/Easton

2013 ASA/USA Softball Women’s Open Slow Pitch 
FIRST- TEAM All American
Women's Open Order of Finish

POSITION                    PLAYER                                               TEAM NAME

IF                                 Kristina Dempsey                                  All Armed Forces

IF                                 Shasta Rodriguez                                  All Armed Forces
IF                                 Miranda Campbell                                  All Armed Forces
IF                                 Andrea Costa                                        Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger

IF                                 Abby Huntrods                                      Powerful Nutrition
OF                                Leina Braxton                                        All Armed Forces
OF                                Annie Rardin                                         Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger

OF                                Jessi Griffin                                           Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger
OF                                Melissa McAninch                                 Powerful Nutrition
Utility                            Rhonda Meier                                        Powerful Nutrition
Utility                            Amy Scheweinfus                                  Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger
Utility                            Mindy Hardison                                     Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger

Utility                            Terri Ellingsworth                                   Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger
Utility                            Karrie Warren                                        All Armed Forces

P                                  Terri Andreoni                                        All Armed Forces

Most Valuable Player & Batting Champion – Terri Ellingsworth      Low Bob’s/Kinder/L.Slugger

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