Tis the season

By Codi Warren | Dec. 23, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

As the stockings were being hung by the chimney with care, we asked members of the 2013 Junior Women's National Team what their favorite parts of the holidays are and what traditions their family celebrates.

Erica Nunn - LHP - University of South Florida sophomore

 My favorite thing about Christmas is being home! I love being around my family. When I come home, I always go to my grandma's house to help her make Christmas candy.  (I am honored that she lets me wear the apron her own mom wore!)  We make buckeyes, peanut brittle, peanut butter cookies, gingersnaps, fudge, and homemade mounds… and that's not even all of it.  I've been going to her house to make the candy since I was in middle school. I love to bake!! It's a two day process to make all of the candy.  The first day we have to make all the the mixtures, and the next day we are able to dip most of it in chocolate….. my family LOVES chocolate.  I plan to carry on this tradition when I have a family of my own!

Merry Christmas y'all!

Erica Nunn 

Emily Crane - OF/2B - University of Missouri sophomore

Some of the crazy traditions we used to do and still do (since it was always just me and my older sister Elizabeth) is that we each had our side of the tree that our presents were sat on.  They didn't even have to have name tags really because they were always placed on the same side as the previous year!  When Eliz and I were little we used to always get our picture taken with Santa and it sure was the highlight of the season! Also when we lived in our old house we used to get real trees and we would make this tide detergent mixture and made "snow" and we would put it on the real tree to make it have a snowed touch (see photo gallery for pictures)! It was very cool! 

This year for Christmas I am asking for a few different things; one thing I asked for was a Nike fuel band and I also asked for some new clothes along with a rocking pair of off white hightop Chuck Taylors! We shall see what I actually end up getting for Christmas! Hopefully I was a good enough girl to get a gift! Merry Christmas to you and your families out there and have a Happy New year! Keep an eye out for Santa! ;)

- Emily

Sierra Romero - SS - University of Michigan sophomore

Well in the Romero family every year we spend Christmas Eve together, all 20 or more of us. That's one thing I love. Having such a big and close family to share a special holiday with. Nothing is better than being with the people you love. We watch movies, have a delicious dinner, talk sports, while all the little kids run around making noise having fun, and making gingerbread houses. It's my absolute favorite time of the year. Towards the end of the party the kids open some presents and enjoys all the goodies they get, sadly I stopped getting those gifts two years ago after I turned 18. I'm still bitter about it as you can tell. There is no place I'd rather be than with my family, they mean the world to me. It's some of the most fun we have all year. Family really is everything. Hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday. Merry Christmas! 

- Sierra Romero 

Jailyn Ford - LHP - James Madison University sophomore

This is something that is becoming more of a tradition for not only our family but for our hometown area as well. My brother began decorating our house 3 years ago to win a contest sponsored by our local news channel. It became such a huge hit that everyone in town started visiting and riding by our house. We thought it was a great opportunity to be involved with the community so we decided to redo the extravaganza every year, making it bigger and better every time. It's a great bonding experience for our family beginning Thanksgiving break, when we first start decorating. From borrowing bucket trucks to climbing on top of the roof to hang lights, there's nobody in our family that doesn't have a role in this festive activity. Once December arrives, the finishing touches are administered throughout the small piece of land, which has acquired the name of "Christmas Forest". Over the holiday season, innumerable amounts of people from all over Bath County and, now, surrounding areas come to visit Christmas Forest. People can walk around the property, sipping on peppermint hot chocolate while they wait on the light show. Even though it can seem like a theme park at times, there's nothing better than seeing other families in the community spend time together and bond over something that puts so much joy into our family. We really enjoy keeping the festivity alive and hope that these pictures and video can help put you in the holiday spirit as well. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

- Jailyn Ford