The Privilege of Pressure

April 30, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

Olympic Gold Medalist and National Softball Team pitching All-Star Jennie Finch, shares with Responsible Sports the importance of throwing negative thoughts out and enjoying the pressure that is sometimes a part of sport competition.

In this episode, Jennie shares with Responsible Sports more about how she helps teammates who are feeling heavy pressure to relax and have fun. “You know, I try to encourage them to just enjoy the moment. You know, how many girls would love to be in that circle, pitching a ball, leading their team. Ultimately, all we can do is give our best.”

Borrowing a line from tennis legend Billie Jean King, Jennie talks about the “privilege of pressure”, and encouraging youth athletes to enjoy the moment, how to honor the game by honoring themselves, their teammates, the history of the sport, and the opportunity to learn life lessons through sports.

Listen To Jennie Finch >>

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