Let Your Roster Earn Your Team Money

April 23, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

Now is the time to act! Get out there and “Spread The Word” about the Spring 2012 Responsible Sports Community Grant. “Why?”Because this grant program is a team fundraiser unlike any you’ve experienced in the past. There is nothing to sell, no products to deliver, purchase orders to track or monies to collect.

You can feel great about asking all your friends, grandparents, neighbors and co-workers to support your child knowing that it costs them nothing to participate. And all this can be done from your computer at home. No more walking the neighborhood, standing in front of a store or washing cars.

Since 2007, almost 200 youth sport organizations have been awarded a Responsible Sports Community Grant. Many past winners have earned a grant using the email tool, Spread The Word, provided to all registered teams at ResponsibleSports.com.

Using the Spread The Word feature is easy and effective.

  1. Just enter your name and email address.
  2. Then enter or upload your recipients (three options).
  3. Send!

That's it! That’s all you do and we’ll send your contacts an email on your behalf letting them know all about the Responsible Sports program including the Community Grant fundraising program opportunity. Each email recipient will be asked to review either the Responsible Sport Parent or Responsible Coaching materials and complete a short quiz. With each quiz taken your team will earn a credit. In just a few weeks your team can rally enough support in credits to earn $2,500 for new equipment, better facilities or subsidize registration fees to increase participation.

Please be assured that all email contact information will be used solely for your organizations participation in the Responsible Sports Community Grant program. We do not keep your email addresses and we will not contact them.

The Responsible Sports Community Grant period is only open until midnight EST May 31st, 2011.

TheLiberty Mutual Responsible SportsTMprogram supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents who help our children succeed both on and off the field. We offer many youth sports resourcesincluding $2,500 community grants, instructional videos, weekly tips, peer and expert advice, and coursework for those interested in improving the youth sports experience for all involved.