Goodacre on her biggest fan

By Codi Warren | June 16, 2011, 12 a.m. (ET)

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June 16, 2011

Goodacre: Most 'influential person in my life is my dad'

A Dad is respected because he gives his children leadership. A Dad is appreciated because he gives his children care. A Dad is valued because he gives his children time. A Dad is loved because he gives his children the one thing they treasure most - himself. - Unknown

Growing up, there are times, when without much thought; we will take our parents and families for granted. Which really makes no sense, but it happens and we all must work at being better children to our parents, because they will always cherish us and love us unconditionally.

Because Father’s Day is right around the corner, I am dedicating this blog to all those fathers out there, but especially to those fathers who dedicate so much of their time to their kids.

The most important and influential person in my life is my dad. He is my biggest fan and I am also his biggest fan. Father’s Day, the one day out of the year we celebrate our fathers. One day out of 365 days in a year and I am somehow supposed to be able to show how thankful I am for everything my father has done for me! Impossible!

My idea of the greatest dad is someone who although, hates to see their kid fail or struggle, will let them, but will always be there and can be counted on to help their kid get right back up, dust herself off, and try again. Encouraging her to never give up, never get discouraged, never use excuses and just keep moving forward. Even if that progress is only an inch at a time –it’s still progress and an inch closer to reaching her goals and dreams. He is the kind of dad that explains these things to her, and somehow convinces her that these setbacks are just as one of life’s many lessons, a rite of passage, if you will. A great Dad would want to keep you from making mistakes, but will sometimes let it happen anyways and teach you right from wrong afterward. A dad is someone who, no matter how many times you fail, has unyielding faith in you no matter what. A dad is the one that will walk their daughter down the aisle, and who will be her protector, her body guard so to speak. No other man in the world will love a girl as much as her father does.

My dad is all of these things to me. He is my No. 1 fan, my very best friend, my protector, my hero and the one who has been there for me throughout my entire life, through good times and bad. As I have grown up, he has watched me and helped me take very big steps in my life, and without him, some of those steps probably wouldn’t have been taken. He was there for it all, grade school, middle school, when I made the varsity team as a freshman. He was there when I hit my very first home run, committed to the college of my dreams, there when I tried out for the USA Softball Junior Women's National Team and my graduation from high school. And through these times, and many other countless times, I could see it in his eyes, he was so proud of me. I look forward to continuing my life in the college world, the softball world and the business world continuing to make my dad proud. I feel that one of the best things in life is to have a proud father.

We have had our rough times, but who hasn’t! We would argue from time to time (mostly because as a teen, I think I know absolutely everything! Ha!). And on occasion, I’ve made bad decisions and disappointed him and that is probably the worst feeling in the world, knowing you have disappointed your dad. But at the end of every day I know that he loves me endlessly. He wants what is best for me and wants me to be the best person that I can possibly be.

Without my dad, I would not be the person I am today. He has taught me so much about life and life’s lessons. He has spent endless hours working with me and teaching me to be the best I can be at anything I’ve ever wanted to do. I remember wanting to be a race car driver so we started racing go karts. I played soccer for a while and then moved on to softball. There was even a time long ago when I wanted to take a ballet class and I remember seeing him through the glass window, smiling (or maybe he was laughing, as I’m pretty sure he is grateful that the ballet never quite panned out…haha!). No matter what I wanted to do he was right there to support me.

He has shared his own mistakes with me in hopes that I won’t make the same ones; and He has taught me that nothing comes easy; you have to work hard for what you want. He knows me better than anyone and can read me like a book. He is there to call me out on my mistakes, and he is the first one to praise me for my good doings. He will always be my biggest hero (right there with Albert Pujols!). He loves me unconditionally and I will never be able to come close to expressing how thankful I am, to have him as my dad.

I love you, Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all!

Chelsea Goodacre
USA Softball