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Players, Coaches and Umpires

The ASA has a membership of more than 2.5 million. Membership is made up of players, coaches and umpires from all 50 states in the United States.

These players and coaches form teams that compete in league and tournament play across the country. The ASA has grown from a few hundred teams in the early days to over 165,000 teams today. Travel teams looking to fulfill their competitive desires begin traveling, often crossing city and state boundaries, competing in ASA organized, county, district, state, regional and national tournaments. These tournaments, in many cases, award berths to the ultimate prize in softball-the ASA National Championships. An estimated twenty percent of ASA registered softball teams compete at some level of Championship Play.

The ASA's membership base has been built from thousands of local (recreational) softball leagues throughout the United States. These leagues are organized through local park and recreation offices, private softball complexes or directly through one of the local ASA offices.

Leagues often times fall into the parameters of a local ASA district. These districts provide local organization to the teams and leagues that fall within it boundaries. Often times, districts are the mediators between the state or metro association and teams.
State & Metro Associations
There are 76 local ASA affiliates across the United States. The administrators that volunteer their time to run the 76 local affiliates are commissioners. These commissioners have a staff comprised of a youth (JO) commissioner, umpire-in-chief and at-large-player representative. Based on how many teams they register in their area and the amount of tournaments they organize, the staff is increased accordingly. Many of these administers maintain voting privileges on ASA's council that ultimately vote on the rules of softball and the code that governs the association


National Organization

Board of Directors