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USA Roller Sports

September 25, 2012

The Roller Skating Association International (RSA) is responsible for the logistics of all achievement tests (previously known as proficiency tests). If you have questions regarding any test centers, forms, prices, previous tests and your scores, replacement medals, test judges and test judges commissions, please contact the RSA directly at the below address.

Roller Skating Association (RSA)
Attention: Susan Melenchuk
RSA Executive Director
6905 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

For More Information on Achievement Tests, Please consult Achievement Test Requirement Structural Charts

Juvenile B 1
Elementary B 2
Elementary C 2
Fresh/Soph B 3
Fresh/Soph C 2
Novice B 1


Juv/Elem B 2
Juv/Elem C 2
Freshman B 2
Fresh/Soph B (Men/Women) 2
Fresh/Soph C 2
Soph B Women 2
Novice 1


Elementary B 2
Fresh/Soph B 2
Fresh/Soph C 1
Novice B 2
Esquire B 2


Juv/Elem B 2
Fresh/Soph B 2
Fresh/Soph C 2
Novice B 2