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Winning this award, first given in 1993, identifies the recipient as the USARS Rink Ball Hockey Player of the Year.  It may be awarded to a current athlete, or team, who typifies the best in rink hockey through consistently superior performance, outstanding progress through the competitive season or contributions made in showcasing the sport to others.


To receive this award, the candidate must:

1)        Be a USARS member in good standing

2)        Have demonstrated clearly superior performance throughout the competitive year; or, the individual must have made an outstanding effort to improve his or her level of achievement during the competitive year;

3)        Have demonstrated a willingness to share his or her event knowledge with others through participation in exhibitions, demonstrations, clinics; or, through acceptance of invitations to visit other countries for these purposes;

4)         Have conducted himself or herself with distinction at all events in which he or she represented rink hockey for the USA Roller Sports or the United States.


Past award recipients are:

2011 - Shawn Schmelcher, Utica, New York

2010 - Shawn Schmelcher, Utica, New York

2009 - Ball Rink Hockey – Gwen Catledge, Bremerton, Washington           

2008 - Hardball Hockey – 2008 Men’s “B” Hockey World Team:  Joshua Englund, Alexander Forbes,

           Christopher Gibson, Kevin Hayes, Brian Moyer, Dylan Sordahl, Cameron Torvik, Michael Lawrence Trussell, Leonard Burnett – Goalie, Brian Stallman – Goalie.

2007 - Hardball Hockey – Brian Stallman, Chehalis, Washington

2006 - Hardball Hockey – 2006 Women’s World Hardball Hockey Team:  Heather Acquaviva,

           Tannah Elwess-Jones, Jennifer Pontes Goncalves, Sarah Gross, Ashley Lee, Autumn Lee, Sarah Molloy, Shilo Schmelcher, Celidh Sligh, Danielle Walter

2005 - Hardball Hockey – Brian Moyer of Boyertown, Pennsylvania

2004 - Hardball Hockey - Danielle Walter, Bremerton, Washington

2003 - Hardball Hockey - Tonya Vensel, Bremmerton, Washington

2002 - Hardball Hockey - Josh Englund, Burlington, Washington

2001 - Hardball Hockey - Danielle Gibson, Lacey, Washington

2000 - Hardball Hockey - Brian Stallman, Chehalis, Washington

1999 - Hardball Hockey - Shane Hayden, Colorado Springs, Colorado

1998 -  None Named for Hardball Hockey

1997 - 1996 "B" Ball Hockey World Team.  Members: Jeff Gibson, Frankie Lee, Shane Hayden, Mike Stevenson, Taylor Sisson, Brian Gibson, Sean Pearson.  Mike Yoder, David Jones, Nick Grassia,

1996 – None Named for Hardball Hockey

1996 - None Named for Hardball Hockey

1995 -  Shane Hayden, Colorado Springs, Colorado

1994 -  Jeff Gibson, Lacey, Washington

1993 -  Keith Huckaby, Port Neches, Texas