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Purpose:  The USARS Competitive Coaches Hall of Fame was instituted in 1991 to honor those individuals who as coaches have made exceptional contributions to the sport of roller


skating throughout the organized history of our sport.  Selection of candidates will be considered annually by the USARS Hall of Fame Committee.


Criteria:  Hall of Fame considerations will involve the following criteria:  Coaching innovations; instructional research and development; the quality of skills consistently demonstrated by students; student performances that have materially influenced and enriched the sport of roller skating; and consistent championship successes:


1.         The coach must have directed his or her students through one or more of the following accomplishments:  (a) Innovations in movement or skating style, (b) highest standards of performance, (c) extraordinary training or competitive techniques, (d) consistent and inspirational achievement.  No coach will be considered for the Hall of Fame unless such characteristics as enumerated are broad based and extend over a long period of time.  A single champion or a lone idea advanced should not be considered sufficiently meritorious.


2.         The number of skating titles won by athletes under their direction, or the length of their coaching career, cannot be considered automatic qualification for election to the Competitive Coaches Hall of Fame.  However, these factors may be taken into account when considering the individual's merit as a coach.


3.         Candidacy for Hall of Fame does not necessarily need support of institutional memberships or licenses.  The test of an individual's contributions will be based on results rather than credentials.



4.         Consideration shall be given to the individuals who are themselves responsible for the development and encouragement of successful coaches, who were one time students of the candidate.  In other words, a teacher of teachers.


5.         Consideration will be given to individuals who over many years have contributed to development of outstanding skaters, even if these pupils achieved their titles later under different coaches.  This is recognition given to candidates who consistently produce skaters with quality fundamentals, the clay from which future champions are molded.


6.         Documentary evidence of a coaches accomplishments must be presented with nomination for the Competitive Coaches Roller Skating Hall of Fame.  Such proof shall consist of published archival and library items, reports or interviews conducted with the candidates contemporaries, and if possible, the candidate's credentials should be confirmed or established by at least three different sources.


7.         The selection of individuals to the Competitive Coaches Roller Skating Hall of Fame shall not necessarily be limited to American citizens, however, only those coaches who have made significant and lasting contributions to the sport of roller skating in the United States shall be eligible.


8.         Only coaches who were or are active in the sport of roller skating for at least ten years may be considered for the Hall of Fame.


9.         In the event of the demise or retirement of an outstanding coach who does not meet the above longevity requirements, the USARS Board of Directors may waive item #8 above by unanimous secret ballot at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.


Annual Selection Process


10.       The annual selection process for the Hall of Fame of "Current" coaches that meet the minimum coaching service requirements of ten years or more will be limited to three (3) individuals or teams for a calendar year.  One (1) additional coach in the "Veterans" category may be selected for the Hall of Fame if they have a minimum of fifteen years coaching experience.






Past inductees are:

2012 – None submitted

2011 (102 total)
Charlie Lucas of Waco, Texas – Artistic/Speed – predominantly Speed
Mike Pattison of Federal Way, Washington – Speed
Tom Panno of Laguna Beach, California – Figure Skating

2010 (None Inducted)

2009 (100 total)
Petra Dayney, Chesterfield, Virginia – Figure Skating
Bob Manning, Miami, Florida – Speed Skating
Gloria Manning, Miami, Florida – Figure Skating

2008 (96 total)

Linda Dorso Pena, Tampa, Florida - Speed

Scott Hiatt, High Point, North Carolina - Speed

Charles F. Lowe, Spotsylvania, Virginia - Artistic

Warren Danner, Highland Heights, Kentucky - Artistic


2007 (92 total)

Jeff Prime, Long Beach, California - Inline Hockey

Ed Mueller, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - Speed

Chris Baerg, Fountain Valley, California - Artistic


2006  (89 total)

Anna Conklin-Carrier, Everett, Washington - figure

Robert Chornomud, San Diego, California - inline hockey

Charles Yoder, Sr., Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania - inline hockey


2005 (86 total)

Jerry and Marlene Bruland, Bellingham, Washington - primarily roller figure


2004 (84 total)

David Downing, Cuming, Georgia - Speed

Caroline Mirelli, Memphis Tennessee - Figure


2003 (82 total)

Robert Anderson, Fort Worth, Texas- Artistic


2002 (81 total)

Ed and Barbara Bolton, Castro Valley, California - Artistic

Pat Ferguson, Cumberland, Maryland - Ball Hockey


2001 (78 total)

Ron Fitzgerald, Jessup, Maryland


2000 (77 total)

Efforest "Buggy" Allmond, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dale Sprague and Caroline Sprague Diewold, Bellingham, Washington

Joe and Marie Gaudy, Palm Bay, Florida

Milton and Joanne May, Los Angeles, California


1999 (70 total)

James "Dickie" Sisson, Lubbock, Texas - Hockey

Ken Manual, Houston, Texas - Speed



1998 (68 total)

Carl and Velma Forsyth, San Antiono, Texas

Robb Dunn, Livonia, Michigan

Carl Henderson, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Millie Funda, Virginia Beach, Virginia


1997 - (63 total)

Betty Ann Danna, Sarasota, Florida

Georgene Ringeisen, San Diego, California

Karen and Al Thompson, Phoenix, Arizona


1996 - (59 total)

Ray and Cindy Chaput, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bud and Laurene Patton, Pontiac, Michigan

Penny Money Miller, Troy, Michigan

Tommy Lane, Sacramento, California

Verna Forsyth Quaranto, San Antonio, Texas


1995 - (54 total)

Irene Graham, Brookpark, Ohio

John McNeel, Tracy, California

Mark Muse, Des Moines, Iowa

Rick and Jan Porter, Cheyenne, Wyoming


1994 - (50 total)

Linda Clemens, Massillion, Ohio

Paul Hedrick, Spring, Texas

Don Homans, Braintree, Massachusetts

Earl Van Horn and Inez Van Horn Wepy, Mineola, New York

Jane Wojnarowsky, Willoughby, Ohio


1993 - (45 total)

Tim Abell, Laurenceville, Georgia

Peggy Bergin, Fort Worth, Texas

Jack Burton, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Bob Byerly, High Point, North Carolina

Virgil & Sue Dooley, Dover, Delaware

Omar & Dolores Dunn, Bakersfield, California

Don Gates, Clawson, Michigan

John Gustafson, Auburn, Washington

Bob Hemphill, Bremerton, Washington

Dennis Huckaby, Beaumont, Texas

J. Norman Malone, Sr., Pasadena, Texas

Grady Merrell, Santa Ana, California

David Morell, Pleasant Hill, California

Louis Pannunzio, Parma, Ohio


James A. Pringle, San Ramon, California

Charles Wahlig, Elsmere, Delaware

Jerry and Darlene Waters, Parma Heights, Ohio


1992 - (28 total)

Bert & Lynn Anselmi, White Lake, Michigan

Jack & Elaine Breen, Milford, Massachusetts

John Dayney, Massapequa, N.Y.

Ray Hough, Los Angeles, California

Ron Jellse, Redford, Michigan

Bettie Jennings, Menlo Park, California

Bob LaBriola, Fountain Valley, California

Rose Martin, Troy, Michgan

Ray McDonnell, Warwick, R.I.

Danny McNeice, Pleasanton, California

Elmer Ringeisen, Escondido, California

Beverly Schien, Grand Blanc, Michigan

Arlis Snyder, Euless, Texas

John & Dee Dee Viola, Raynham, Massachusetts

George & Gladys Werner, Plandome Manor, N.Y.

Emily Melville, Leominster, Massachusetts

Elsbeth Mueller, Detroit, Michigan


1991 (11 total)

Louis Bargman, Washington, D.C.

Fred Bergin, Dayton, Ohio

Roland & Margaret Cioni, Brooklyn, N.Y.

 Jim & Millie Ferris, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Robert Martin, Detroit, Michigan

Bill "Red" McMillan, Greeley, Colorado

Joe & Irene Nazzaro, Redwood City, California

Perry B. Rawson, Asbury Park, N.J.

M.M. "Red" Shattuck, Redwood City, California

Melvin "Coonie" Umbach, Boston, Massachusetts

Cliff "Satch" & Millie Wilkins, Elmhurst, N.Y.